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Trash on Beach

More About Us

Bringing locals together 

Clean Jersey was started by high-school students FOR high-school students.


The condition of our beaches continues to be a pressing issue not only for environmentalists, but also our local students. For many of us living by the shore, we grew up with the beach and consider it a part of our home. 

Seeing trash on the beach can be heartbreaking. Not only is it an eye-sore, but the trash has a harmful affect on the beach's natural ecosystem. 

However, many high-school students may feel strongly about protecting our beaches, but not really know where to begin. That is why Clean Jersey was created.

This program, based out of Monmouth County, helps students from different high-schools to come together and form their own beach cleanup squadrons. The main goal is to get more people involved with the cleanups and educate our peers on the condition of our beaches and how they can help.

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